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Ndoun Issie Princess, 2023 Miss Cameroon

Issie Princess who represented the Littoral region, will carry the national crown for a one-year term taking over Julia Samantha Edima.


Julia Samantha Edima Assoumou made her transfer of service on November 12, 2022, at the Yaounde Sports complex. She gave her crown to the young Issie Princess, who was representing the Littoral region.

Noun Issie Princesse is now the new beauty queen of Cameroon. Her first runner-up is Mouketey Monalisa representing the South-West and the second runner-up is Raissa Ngueleu from the West region.

The miss wins an envelope of 5 million CFA francs from COMICA partners, a 4*4 vehicle, a monthly salary of 150,000 FCFA, and an apartment for one year.

This year’s theme is “Beauty at the service of education”, Issie Princesse presented her project on the education of young girls and women about breast cancer: “My project is the education of women regarding breast cancer. Many of our sisters do not learn about this cancerous cell and today we find ourselves with several cases of breast cancer in Cameroon. I am convinced that if we can help with this disease, we can eradicate evil.”. She is already at the head of an association that campaigns for this issue, “Cameroon Women actions”.

During her tenure, she is committed to promoting Cameroon’s tourism legacy and raising awareness on education for the prevention of breast cancer from an early age. Issie Princesse, 22 years old, 1m81, is a student in management.

Published on 05.05.2023

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