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New opposition alliance formed in Togo

Three opposition parties in Togo Friday launched in the capital Lome a ‘centrist coalition’ aimed at bringing an end to a year-long political crisis that has brought the country to its knees.The alliance includes the New Togolese Commitment (NET), the Pan-African Patriotic Convergence (PPC) and the Pan-African Democratic Party (PDP).

Addressing the press, the political parties formulated three main recommendations to stakeholders as a way out of the crisis, after condemning the polarization of politics and radicalization of disparate groups.

“It appears to us that a new constitution preserving the fundamentals of the original constitution of 1992, but amended with contributions from all political actors and particularly by the work of the Office of the High Commissioner for Reconciliation and Reinforcement of National Unity (HCRRUN) on political reforms, is more likely to reconcile Togolese” the leaders of the new coalition suggested.

They believe current President Faure Gnassingbe’s candidature in Togo’s next presidential election should be the subject of a political agreement, separate from the constitutional questions and the electoral framework.

On the improvement of the electoral framework, the new coalition argues that “the first point to be tackled in any meeting is the Togolese stalemate”.

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