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Niger: Political opponents get 3-month prison sentence over social media comments

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Political opponent Bana Ibrahim and civil society actor Gamatié Mahamadou, arrested three weeks ago, following Internet posts, were presented Thursday to the judge who deliberated and condemned Ibrahim to 3 months in prison, of which 2-month suspension, while the second was discharged.An activist of the Nigerian Democratic Movement for an African federation (MODEN-FA) Lumana, the party of former National Assembly Speaker, Hama Amadou, Bana Ibrahim was arrested on June 22.

Gamatié Mahamadou, secretary-general of the Taxi drivers union (SYNCOTAXI) was arrested two days later.

The latter had posted comments on social media deemed “tending to influence a judicial decision,” according to their lawyer Mr. Efred Boudal.

Having practically spent 22 days in prison, Ibrahim will spend in principle only eight days to serve his sentence.

The civil society actor Insar Abdourahman was also arrested for the same facts. He was sentenced to six-month suspension for “incitement to violence.”

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