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Nigeria: Power generation drops to 2,447mw

Electricity generation in Nigeria dropped by 1,682mw on Monday from 4,129.2mw recoded on Sunday.According to the data from the Nigeria Electricity System Operator, an arm of the Transmission Company of Nigeria, power generation in the country was 2,441mw as of 6.00 am on Monday.

The data showed that total power generation rose from zero megawatt as of 6.00 am on Friday to 3,235mw on Saturday.

The report by Nigeria’s Punch newspaper on Tuesday said that power grid reportedly collapsed on Wednesday and Thursday last week, worsening electricity supply in many parts of the country.

The report said that the Managing Director, TCN, Usman Mohammed, described the system collapse as the worst ever since he took over the leadership of the company.

The system operator put the nation’s installed generation capacity at 12,910.40mw; available capacity at 7,652.60mw; transmission wheeling capacity at 8,100mw; and the peak generation ever attained at 5,375mw.

Nigeria generates most of its electricity from gas-fired power plants, while output from hydropower plants makes up about 30 percent of the total.

The TCN, which manages the national grid, is still fully owned and operated by the Nigerian government and the grid has continued to suffer system collapse over the years without any spinning reserves to forestall such occurrences. 

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