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Nigeria: Woman jumps into Lagos canal

As efforts are still being made to recover the body of medical doctor, who jumped into the Lagos lagoon on Sunday, an unidentified woman on Monday jumped into the canal from the Maza-Maza Bridge in the Mile 2 area of Lagos.Local media reports on Tuesday said that the woman was, however, lucky, as rescuers fished her out before she could drown.

According to the reports, the woman, dressed in a blouse and trousers, was trekking and got to the middle of the bridge, climbed the rail and jumped into the canal.

“The thing happened so fast that we could not stop her. However, when she jumped, we called for help, prompting people under the bridge to dive in and rescue her,” said one of the witnesses.

The woman was, however, unconscious after she was rescued and her bloated stomach was pressed to expel the water she had ingested.

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