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Nigerian bakers plan to raise price of bread

The Premium Bread Makers Association of Nigeria has warned that the price of bread may soon be increased in the country.The President of Premium Bread Makers Association of Nigeria, Mr. Jemide Tosan, told journalists on Monday in Lagos that the cost of producing bread has increased due to increases in the prices of baking ingredients.

Tosan added that the price of diesel, which is used to power generators at the bakeries, has gone up by 57 percent.

 “The challenges we face as a result of the incessant increase in the prices of baking ingredients have rendered most premium bakeries comatose making us to operate at a loss.

“Given the current situation, most premium bakeries may be forced to embark on a price increase, which will further make bread unaffordable to the common man,” local media reports on Tuesday quoted Tosan as saying.

He noted that despite the increases in the prices of flour, sugar and other baking items in the past three years, the members did not increase the price of bread to reflect such increases.

Tosan assured that the association was committed to ensuring that Nigerians eat high quality and affordable bread.

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