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Nigerian First Lady lashes out at Buhari ‘backstabbers’

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Nigerian First Lady, Aisha Buhari has lashed out at apparent backstabbers who are allegedly plotting to replace her ailing husband as the country’s president.A statement Mrs. Buhari posted on Facebook on Tuesday referred to “hyenas and jackals” plotting and scheming to eventually take over from President Mohammadu Buhari.

The 74-year-old Nigerian leader is reportedly recuperating from an undisclosed ailment in a London hospital since he flew out of Nigeria in May, heightening speculations that several of his senior officials may be plotting his removal sensing an opportunity to succeed him.  

Until Buhari’s return, Vice-president Yemi Osinbajo will continue to serve as acting president.

Without mincing words, Aisha Buhari warned that those among her husband’s close associates who are involved in ‘backstabbing’ him for the presidency will be banished from his party.

The First Lady did not mention any names but analysts say her comments appear to be directed at senior members of her husband’s administration suspected to be positioning themselves to take his place.

There has been no indication that Mr Osinbajo is part of a plot to depose Mr. Buhari.

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