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Nigerian workers decry delay in negotiating new minimum wage

Nigerian Workers have decried the delay in the negotiation process of the new National Minimum Wage by the Tripartite Committee set up by the Federal Government.The workers are demanding $180 monthly minimum wage against the current $58.

The Minister of Labour, Dr. Chris Ngige, had said that the negotiation of new wage would be completed by the end of the year, but the workers are kicking.

A cross section of workers said on Tuesday that it was unfair that the committee set by Mr. President was yet to commence the negotiation process.

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) recently decried the delay in the sitting of the Tripartite Committee for the negotiation process of the National Minimum Wage since its inauguration.

A worker, Mrs. Docas John , Chairman, Nigeria Civil Service Union (NCSU) Public Compliant Commission unit, Abuja said the delay in the negotiation process for the new wage was “uncalled for”.

John said workers were currently facing untold hardship as a result of the economic challenges in the country.

According to her, workers have a great expectation concerning the new minimum wage since majority of the Nigerian workers are grossly under paid compare to their counterparts in other nations.

She noted that the minimum wage law requires that the minimum wage should be reviewed every five years and it is long overdue as the prices of goods and services are very high due to high inflation rate.

“It is no longer a salary that can take us home, we find it difficult to pay our house rent, we cannot pay our children school fees, even feeding is by management, our salaries cannot take us anywhere,” he said.

In his reaction, Mr. Ogarebe Akpan said the delay in the negotiation process of the new minimum wage was annoying and disturbing.

Akpan said that it was true that workers have been longing for the new wage, especially at a time that the prices of goods in the market have skyrocketed.

He said the salary was not something to write home about, that is why “we are calling on the government to expedite action on the negotiation process of the minimum wage in order to pay workers something commensurate with the present economic realities in the country.

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