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Nigeria’s Personal Well Being Index for Q1 stands at 64.8% – Report

Nigeria’s leading survey and polling firm, the NOIPolls says that the findings from its Q1, 2019 report on Nigeria’s Personal Well-Being Index (PWBI) revealed a 3.3 points increase from Q4 of 2018 to stand at 64.8 points.The report released on Wednesday in Abuja noted that the Religion Index, which measures people’s satisfaction with their personal religion, has always been a major influencing factor in the overall PWBI.

According to the report, the breakdown of the seven key indicators that make up the PWBI showed that Nigerians were mostly satisfied in terms of Religion (89.5-points), Social Interaction (80.1-points), Physical Health (75.9-points) and Personal Security (66.6-points).

“All these indices remained above average while the Achievement in Life (53.3-points) and Standard of Living (52.7.-points) indices remained below average, depicting neutrality amongst Nigerians.

“Some Nigerians were not satisfied with their personal economic situation (43.18-points) index, which happens to be the lowest point among the indices although this indicator experienced an increase in Q1 2019,” the report said.

The report indicated that the Personal Standard of Living Index increased by 3.8-points in Q1, 2019 from the 48.9-points obtained in Q4, 2018 to stand at 52.7-points and is indicative of a slight upward surge in the satisfaction of Nigerians with their Personal Standard of Living in Q1, 2019.

The Personal Health index increased by 2.7-points to stand at 75.9-points in Q4, 2018 in comparison to 73.5-points obtained in Q4, 2018, while the Personal Achievement Index recorded an increase of 4.5-points to stand at 53.3 -points in Q1, 2019 when compared to 48.8 obtained in Q4 2018, indicating a decrease in the level of satisfaction in the personal achievements of Nigerians.

On the Personal Security Index, it increased by 8.7-points in Q1, 2019 to stand at 66.6-points from the 57.9 points obtained in Q4, 2018, while the Personal Social Interaction Index experienced an increase of 4.2 -points to stand at 80.1-points in Q1, 2019 compared to 75.9-points obtained in Q4, 2018.

This result depicts that Nigerians still have a high level of social interactions amongst themselves. This is even most compelling in a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society like Nigeria.

The Personal Religion Index has always been the highest index amongst the indices, which is suggestive of how religious the citizens are. The Personal Religion Index increased marginally by 1.1-points to stand at 89.5-points in Q1, 2019, while the Economic Index witnessed a considerable increase of 4.9-points to stand at 48.2-points in Q1, 2019 from 38.3-points recorded in Q4, 2018.

“Although, this index increased from Q4, 2018 it falls below average when compared to indices. This implies that that much is still needed to reinvigorate the economy of the nation,” the report said.

The report concluded that despite the increase of 3.3-points in the Personal Wellbeing of Nigerians, the majority remain unsatisfied with their Economic Situation, as the index stood at 48.2-points.

It noted that irrespective of the increase recorded in the economic situation indicator, it still remained the lowest ranked index amongst the seven indicators that make up the NOIPolls PWBI.

It therefore stressed the need for concerted efforts to bring wellbeing into policy-making in Nigeria, while Ministries, Departments and Agencies that form the Nigerian government should be required to provide reports on how their policies will improve wellbeing, as one of the key aims of government is to promote a good life.

Published on 28.04.2020

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