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No refugee confirmed positive for COVID-19 in Ethiopia-UNHCR

In its weekly operational update published on Saturday, UNHCR stated that there are no confirmed cases amongst the refugee population and their host communities in Ethiopia.UNHCR reported that it continues to intensify efforts to prevent and limit the potential spread of the coronavirus among the over 761,000 refugees in the country.

Stocks of supplies are being reinforced and health-care needs are being constantly assessed along with training of health personnel, the High Commissioner stated.

It is indicated that efforts to improve the supply of water and soap continue, supported by key messages promoting personal hygiene and social distancing.

Healthcare workers are being trained on COVID-19 surveillance, case management and infection prevention and control, and efforts are being enhanced to furnish isolation areas.

UNHCR is procuring beds, portable oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrates to health facilities in several hosting communities.

As of 09 May 2020, Ethiopia has tested a total of 32, 689people and reported 210 confirmed COVID-19 cases, five deaths and 97 recoveries.

Published on 28.04.2020

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