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Number of infected persons increases to 28 – Dr. Kateh

Liberia’s chief medical officer, Dr. Francis Kateh, Thursday disclosed that seven additional cases of the ‘strange disease’ have been reported in Greenville, bringing the number of infected persons to 28.Briefing journalists in Monrovia Thursday, Dr. Kateh said the number of deaths still stands at 12 – ten in Greenville and two in Monrovia – and that the sick persons are responding to treatment..

He said two pathologists are expected in Liberia on Friday to conduct autopsies on the bodies of the victims of the ‘strange disease’ to establish the cause of death.

Dr. Kateh reiterated that the deaths are not Ebola-related, and called on Liberians to exercise patience as the ministry of health institutes measures to establish the cause of the deaths in Greenville in Sinoe County and in Monrovia.

Recently, health authorities reported two deaths in Monrovia from the ‘strange disease’ that hit Greenville in southeastern Sinoe County last week.

Health authorities told reporters in Monrovia Monday that one of the dead victims was among 60 persons who went to Greenville, Sinoe County, from Monrovia to attend a funeral where the victims of the ‘strange disease’ are said to have contracted it.

According to Dr. Kateh, the second victim to die from the disease in Monrovia is the fiancée of the man who died from the disease, following his return from Greenville. He said the deaths of the two bring the death toll from the disease to 12.

Liberia’s chief medical officer who is also a deputy Health Minister, said the health ministry has launched a massive search for all 60 Monrovia residents who attended the funeral in Greenville, in order to place them in isolation for observation.

He reiterated that initial tests have proved that the deaths are also not related to Lassa Fever.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kateh has reiterated his call on all Liberians, no matter where they live, to alert heath authorities or report to health centers relatives who show symptoms of vomiting, stomach ache and

He also reminded Liberians to continue to abide by measures like hand washing, reporting sick and dead relatives to health ministry authorities in communities, instituted by health authorities to prevent the spread of diseases.

Published on 28.04.2020

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