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NW CPDM militants exhorted to stand up against nation destroyers

Philemon Yang

The North West Regional Permanent Delegation of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) led by the Prime Minister, Philemon Yang, has urged the party supporters in the Region to stand up against those trying to destroy the country.

The note of caution is contained in a ten point document dubbed “Take Home Message” which is being distributed to CPDM militants and sympathisers in the seven Divisions of the North West Region, ahead of this year’s edition of the National Day celebration to be commemorated on May 20.

In the ten points’ document, the North West CPDM Regional Permanent Delegation insists on the oneness and indivisibility of the country and urged the party’s militants to uphold this national identity.

The CPDM officials further assert that  CPDM militants “have the obligation to cooperate with the administrative authorities and the security forces, in order to overcome terrorism, regain peace and live together comfortably in our villages and towns.”

Going by them, the security forces have been deployed to all the nooks and crannies of the North West Region to prevent “the disturbances, violence, school boycotts, ghost towns, killings, kidnappings and illegal threats which some North Westerners carry out all the time.”

The bigwigs of the party, who constitute members of the Regional Permanent Delegation, maintain that it behoves on all the party militants to work in tandem with their neighbours to ensure that the various neighbourhoods are safe, secure and comfortable for the “Living Together.”

As militants of a party of peace and development, proponents of the CPDM were tasked to, at all times, carry out the decisions of the Head of State, who is equally the National Chairman of their party.

“We must see 20th May 2018 as a day for the celebration of our national pride, national unity, and living together as Cameroonians from all parts of this country. There is great strength in our diversity.”

They equally encourage the love country and one another as one of the first steps towards solving the Anglophone Crisis.

Published on 10.02.2021

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