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NW Governor tasks parents to plead with “terrorists” children to drop arms

Governor Lele Lafrique (with folded arms) and close aides on a field trip- (File photo)

The Governor of the North West Region, Adolphe Lele LAfrique has tasked parents in his region to talk their children out of secessionist activities, leave the bushes and drop their arms.

The Governor was speaking on Friday in Bamenda during a press briefing to reassure the population of measures taken to guarantee their safety or residents in the North West Region amidst growing tensions.

“All parents, relatives and guardians of our children, brothers and sisters who were unfortunately enrolled by secessionist activities are for God’s sake called upon to do all in their powers to convince their children to come out of the bushes and regain normal life,”the Governor said in a press release that followed.

“Our children, brothers and sisters who have been misled and misguided to take up arms against the fatherland are called upon to surrender their weapons to the nearest administrative, traditional, municipal or religious authority,” the Governor said while adding that they will receive the required psycological and logistical support for their eventual rehabilitation and reintegration into the society.

He also urged Cameroonians in the diaspora to also cease from sponsoring secessionist activities and rather divert their hard-earned income to help in the education of Cameroonians back home.

Published on 10.02.2021

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