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Cameroonian contracts deadly Coronavirus in China

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A Cameroonian student whose name we got as Pavel Daryl Sem Kenou is said to be presently under medical care at the Jenghzou hospital in China after he was diagnosed with the Coronavirus.

According to reports, twenty-one year old Pavel Daryl from the University of Yangtse contracted the killer virus after returning from a trip to the Chinese Wuhan city, which happens to be the Centre of the Coronavirus since its outbreak.

Sources say after leaving Wuhan last January 19, Daryl began manifesting symptoms of the Coronavirus.

On January 28, he was finally admitted at the Jenghzou Hospital for proper care.

This situation prompted the University of Yangtse to issue a communique announcing that the student is responding to the treatment.

Reports have said that 300 Cameroonian students are trapped in the Coronavirus-hit Wuhan city in China.

On the 27th of January 2020, they wrote to President Paul Biya begging for help in the face of a virus that has led to close to four hundred deaths and over seventeen thousands infected persons.

Most of the counties having citizens in China have since been repatriating them.


Published on 05.05.2023

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