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One-day special election for essential service officers kicks off in Ghana

A total of 109,557 persons are voting today in the special voting exercise meant for security officials, media people and the staff of the Electoral Commission (EC).This group of voters in 275 constituencies, according to officials of the EC, will be engaged in official duties during the December 7 general elections and may not be able to exercise their voting rights.

Early reports from the voting centres showed that there were slight delays in some centres due to late arrival of voting materials.

However, local media reports said that voting took off peacefully in most centres visited and that the special voters were observing the Covid-19 safety protocols.  

Meanwhile, The Electoral Commission (EC) said yesterday that it was expecting close to 100 percent voter turnout in this special voting exercise.

“We expect a near 100 percent turnout and are confident that the outcome will be peaceful, credible, transparent and orderly, God being our helper,” the Chairperson of the EC, Mrs. Jean Mensa, told journalists in Accra on Monday.

She assured that polling officers had been recruited and trained, and that all materials had been distributed in sufficient quantities and biometric verification devices (BVDs) prepared and deployed.

“In total, 109,557 people, made up of security persons, media people and staff of the EC, applied to take part in the exercise in the 275 constituencies. It is instructive to note that this is the highest number the commission has recorded for special voting in its history,” local media reports quoted Mrs. Mensa as saying.

Published on 28.04.2020

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