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Opportunities abound for young Cameroonians at Youth Village

Youth's day celebration in Cameroon.

A plethora of activities are taking place at the Youth village that opened that opened at the Yaounde Multipurpose Sports Complex.

Several workshops are have opened at the village with the youth showcasing their various crafts. There are also various workshops animated by experts who have come to empower the youth with ideas that will help them develop themselves.

In one of the workshops, exprerts from the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education are drilling the participants on juvenile deliquency in the school milieu.

On the first day, the youth were drilled by experts from the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education, Ministry of Secondary Education and Ministry of Public Health.

To the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education, these talks are timely because it can help shape the minds of the youth and curb violence within and out of the school milieu.

In order to reinforce their morality, men of God, experts in sociology and psychology have equally been at the youth village to talk to the youth.

Another workshop centred around citizenship and change of mentality and it  was animated by the International Youth Fellowship, partner of the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education. They projected movies which traced the various levels of improving mentalities.

There is equally a workshop for returnees to enable them reinsert into the society but also to sensitise the youth on the dangers of clandestine immigration. The workshops continue all through this weekend until February 11.

Published on 05.05.2023

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