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Over 200 US-bound Ghanaians stranded in the Caribbean

More than 200 Ghanaians are reportedly stranded at the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, in the Caribbean, in a futile attempt to reach the United States.The Acting Director of the Ghana’s Information Service Department, Elizabeth Afua Essel made the disclosure in a statement on Friday saying most of the migrants working with travel syndicates have been gathering in Cuba, expecting to be flown to the United States where they expect to restart their lives.

According to the statement, a steady stream of Ghanaian migrants has reached Cuba and other Caribbean nations over the past one year, especially after the commencement of Turkish Airlines flights to Havana, the Cuban capital last November, making access to the island easy.

Torrid economic times in Ghana have forced many of its citizens to leave the country bound for Europe or other developing nations.   

Many of the migrants to Cuba were often deceived by travel and tours syndicates in Ghana claiming collaborations in the Caribbean that immediately facilitates their entry into the US upon their arrival in the island nation or other Caribbean countries.

It warned prospective migrants to be weary of syndicates operating as collaborators who trick them with the enticing offer of transporting them to the US through the Caribbean.

The government said most of its citizens in Cuba have been stranded there with no means of catering for themselves, thus creating a serious humanitarian crisis.

there is no known plan by the government to help stranded Ghanaian citizens in the Caribbean.

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