Akere Muna accuses gov’t of backing sister to foil Presidential bid

Akere Muna has accused the Ministry of justice for fueling their family feud (c)All rights reserved

Akere Muna accuses gov’t of backing sister to foil Presidential bid

Akere Muna has accused the government of attempting to foil his presidential ambitions by engineering his sister to engage into a succession battle of their father's property. Akere, who has who has declared to run for the Presidential election, was dragged to court earlier this year by sister and former Minister…



Should Abortion be legalised?

  • Agbor Kelly

    Student, Buea

    The government should legalise abortion as far as I’m concerned. This is in case where a girl gets pregnant and the boy refuses to take responsibility and the girl can’t raise the child because of finance difficulties. It takes time and money to raise a child and if she can’t raise the child, it’s better she gets rid of it. Also some parents don’t take it when their children get pregnant. So she just has to save her reputation.

  • Harnibal Yuniwo

    Tailor, Yaounde

    No, abortion should not be legalised because the Bible says that ‘thou shall not kill or shed innocent blood’.The child you want to abort is innocent. More to that, even in our society today, a lot of women are looking for just a child but they are unable to have that one maybe because of what they did to their womb. The bible says children are a gift from God and you don’t know whether that is another saviour of the world or someone great in future that you want to destroy. So abortion is a very bad. The process involved in abortion is very dangerous because it has and can render many women childless for the rest of their lives.

Published on 14.06.2018

Tips to prepare for a successful feast of the Ramadan

some ways we can improve on different aspects of our life so we can fully benefit from Ramadan, a time when deeds are multiplied. 1. Fast…


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