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Pascal Siakam Wears A Green-Red-Yellow Shoe For His Play-off match

During the Toronto Raptors game against Philadelphia in the NBA play-off, the basketball player played the match with a pair of tennis shoes designed with Cameroun colours.

The NBA is known for the amazing spectacle its players put on. Basketball lovers are then seduced by the dunk, or the three-point baskets.

Besides these aspects, there is also that of fashion. On this side, it has become a tradition, at each major meeting, the players appear with personalized tennis shoes to their liking.

Pascal Siakam is not a stranger to this tradition. A habit he knows well. Last season, the Toronto Raptors winger appeared with a Nike KD13 tennis shoe with a floral pattern. Called The Easy Money Snipers, the shoe pays an homage to the rock spirit of the 60s.

And this year, he paid tribute again. But this time to his father, already deceased, and to Cameroon. He had a trainer designed in the colours of Cameroon and on the sole, it is marked RIP Dad with a heart of love.

This mark of affection, Pascal Siakam explains “my father dreamed a lot, he wanted to have one of his sons playing in the NBA. Whenever I’m on the pitch, I think of him. I try to please him. A small dedication for him, just to show that I still have him on my body. And every time I’m in the field, I wear his name. It’s a way of reminding me.”

Published on 05.05.2023

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