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Paul Biya appoints pioneer SG at Constitutional Council

Malego Joseph Asse was on Friday appointed as the pioneer Secretary General of the Constitutional council.

He was appointed by Presidential decree signed by the Head of State Paul Biya and read on the national station.

His appointment comes just few weeks before the members of the constitutional Council equally appointed by Presidential decree take office in a joint parliamentary session scheduled for March 6.

Joseph Malegho Aseh is a magistrate by training. In 2010, he was appointed chargé de mission at the Presidency of the Republic, where he spent four years before he was sent to the board of directors of the National School of Administration and Magistracy (Enam) in May 2014 as a representative of the Presidency of the Republic.

On Monday, July 11, 2016, Joseph Malegho Aseh was appointed by the President of the Republic as Chairman of the Board of Directors at Enam where he was serving till his appointment as Secretary General of the Constitutional Council.

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