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Paul Biya at 87, what prospects for Cameroon?

The Head of State Paul Biya officially turns 87 today as he firmly holds on to his power at the helmn of Cameroon.

As it has been the case recently, the Head of State will spend the day in his native Mvomeka where he retreated to on Tuesday evening with his family.

As he slice the knife into yet another cake later this afternoon, Cameroonians continue to look up to him to slice off their numerous problems in his 30+ reign.

At 87 and two years into his new seven-year mandate, Paul Biya is showing no signs of fading away despite the growing burden on his shoulders.

The long-drawn conflict in the country’s North West and South West Regions has proven to be the toughest task in Paul Biya’s reigns as he tries his hands in different solutions day in, day out.

Youth unemployment remains a big challenge though Paul Biya seems to have minismised this in recent years by announcing astronomical figures in his recent addresses to the youth.

Every new age comes with its new challenges but Paul Biya is synonymous to challenges and would be plotting his way to sail through the new age and see through his projects for this new mandate.


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