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Paul Biya requests extension of mandate for parliamentarians

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This means the legislative elections that were scheduled to hold later this year will not take place again as the parliamentarians would have to spend an extra year at the Lower House of Assembly.

In a note that is circulating on social media, Head of State Paul Biya in conformity with article 15 of the Constitution has asked the President of the Senate to convene his bureau for consultations on the extention of the mandate of parliamentarians for one year as from the 29 October 2018.

According to the Head of State, it is impossible to hold the Presidential, Municipal and Legislative elections in the same year due to the difficulties involved in mobilising resources.

Therefore, the Head of State is set to table a draft bill in parliament for debate and adoption during the ongoing session which ends on July 7.

Thus, it is likely only the Municipal and Presidential elections will hold this year.


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