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PMUC partners with Littoral Gendarmerie to train bike riders

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Riders of commercial motorcycles in Douala, will soon receive a free-of- charge training on respecting the law.

The signing of the convention between the Littoral Gendarmerie Legion and PMUC, for the former to financially assist in the training of commercial motorcycle riders, is a continuous action that has been going on for some time now. He remarked that the partnership between the Littoral Gendarmerie Legion and PMUC, was initiated before he came to Douala as Legion Commander.

The Legion Commander stated that the local administration, including the Gendarmerie as a State institution, was engaged in a search for a solution to assist these citizens who are commercial motorcycle riders, to operate in conformity with the law. For one thing, the commercial motorcycle riders were complaining of lack of finance to follow a training course which ends with those who succeed in the test, to obtain the Category ‘A’ Licence, and for which they have to pay for. It was within this backdrop that the Littoral Gendarmerie Legion contacted PMUC and solicited their financial assistance to help pay for the Licences of those bendskin riders who take part in the training programme, and succeed in the driving test. The special training programme, which is carried out in collaboration with the Gendarmerie, is for free to groups of bendskin riders.

The last group of commercial motorcycle riders in Douala to be trained by the special programme, completed their course last month, and 200 succeeded in the driving test. The convention that was signed on March 6 between the Littoral Gendarmerie Legion and PMUC, was for the latter to provide money to pay for the Category ‘A’ licences for the 200 commercial motorcycle riders.

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