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Political Leaders Brainstorm On Peaceful Transition in Cameroon

Prof Olivier Bilé and staff

This is the plea Professor Olivier Bilé with his political movement, known as les Liberateurs, advocates for a new legislation and institutional reform that will lead Cameroon on new bases.

It is urgent says Professor Olivier Bilé for Cameroon to free itself from what he calls the “State party”. For the leader of this political party, the project of global democratization of Cameroon has been deeply corrupted by the institutional system of the party-state which continues to prevail despite the transition from a single party to a multiparty system.
In this line, which, according to the politician, undermines democratization and maintains the country in a regime of political monolithism, he proposes the creation of the Alliance for a Peaceful Transition in Cameroon (ATPC). It aims at setting on a new political ecosystem within which the political system will be redesigned and renewed.
The political leader’s proposal revolves around a government of transition, national unity, and public safety intended to formulate and implement all the institutional reforms aimed at making the system of governance fairer and more constructive for the country’s future.

Published on 03.01.2023

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