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Poll reveals urgent need for functional 3-digit security helpline in Nigeria

A recent security poll conducted by Nigeria’s leading survey and polling firm, NOIPolls Ltd, has revealed that 69 percent of Nigerians do not know any security helpline to call in an emergency.The result of the poll released on Tuesday in Abuja noted that most Nigerians are unable to report any emergency security issue when the need arises.

The report added that during the course of this poll, majority of the respondents complained of their inability to recall the 11 digits security mobile numbers provided by the Nigerian Police and advocated on the spot that the Nigerian Police should have a three (3) digits number for all emergencies.

“This therefore reveals that the efforts of security agencies in ensuring citizens are able to report ongoing emergency situations are inadequate and emphasizing the need for this all-important mechanism to be put in place to ensure effective feedback mechanisms between Nigerians and security agencies,” the report said.

According to the report, 24 percent of respondents stated that security operatives are “not well quipped” to tackle security challenges, while 43 percent believed that they are “well equipped“ and the North-East zone (56 percent) had the largest proportion of Nigerians who mentioned this.

It noted that Information technology plays a critical role in strengthening security against potential future attacks hence, it is vital for Nigerian security operatives to synergize with relevant stakeholders and adopt the use of 3-digit security helpline to enable Nigerians share information more readily as soon as they identify potential threats.

The excerpts from the poll conducted in May concluded that most Nigerians are unaware of any security helpline they can call in an emergency and urged Nigerian security operatives to put the requisite mechanism in place to aid the adoption and implementation of a 3- digit security helpline for Nigerians to call in emergencies such as security, fires etc. 

It urged the lawmakers to play their part in ensuring that security agencies are provided with appropriate backing by the law and adequate funding to put mechanisms in place and equipped with sophisticated weapons to ensure the safety of lives and properties across the nation. 

Published on 28.04.2020

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