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Portuguese businessman abducted in Swaziland

The Portuguese consul in Swaziland, Carlos Lopes, said his office would not panic about the weekend abduction of a Swazi businessman of Portuguese origin.The businessman, Almor Oliveira, was taken away by unknown people at his business premises while closing his shop following a scuffle that was confirmed by the police who spotted blood stains in his car which was found parked outside his office building in Matsapha, about 25 kilometres from capital Mbabane.

The incident took place on April 16.

The Consul said his community would leave the matter to the police, especially because there have not been any communication from the kidnappers in terms of ransom demands.

“In the 40 years that I have spent in Swaziland I have heard about only three kidnappings of foreigners who are businesspeople in Swaziland. Also this is not only an isolated case for Swaziland but it happens even in other countries so it does not constitute an alarm.”

He said they would wait for the police to make an indication if they needed foreign business people to improve security at their homes and business areas.

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