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Press focuses on frustration of special prosecutor by state

The Ghanaian press on Wednesday focuses on the frustration of the Special Prosecutor of Ghana, Mr. Martin Amidu, by some state institutions.The Ghanaian Times and Daily Graphic both featured Mr. Martin Amidu’s statement issued on Tuesday in Accra, complaining about the uncooperative attitudes adopted by some state institutions.

The Times writes, “Amidu threatens to sue institutions… for non-compliance” and Graphic adds, “Public Officials make work tough…Martin Amidu threatens against AG”.

The newspapers reported that the Special Prosecutor has hit hard at some public officials for making his fight against corruption very difficult one.

He noted that the heads of institutions were either failing to release information deliberately and withholding information needed to fight corruption.

In his statement, titled, “Challenges of the Office of the Special Prosecutor in Fighting Corruption in Ghana”, he went ahead to threaten that his outfit will resort to court action against some prominent institutions such as the Attorney General’s (AG) office.

“The office of the Special Prosecutor Act empowers the office to enforce the production of information and documents in the courts against any public institution that fails or refuses to honour the lawful request of the office,” Mr. Amidu told the newspapers.

He sounded a note of caution to all public officials and added that when he goes into high-speed mood to fight against corruption, no political party activists or members would be spared.


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