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Proposed Constitutional changes will serve interest of Beninese people – President Talon

The President of Benin, Mr. Patrice Talon, has assured his compatriots that the project for the revision of the Constitution initiated by the government is solely intended to serve the cause of the country.“I wish to reassure you that the objective scope of the project and its design is to serve only the cause of our country,” Talon said in a message broadcast on several national TV channels on Thursday.


Rejecting any criticism of opportunistic move from him, President Talon argued that this constitutional reform draft bill did not entail the adoption of a new Constitution and a new Republic.


“I made a public pledge to carry out the political and institutional reforms, without which the legitimate aspiration of our people to prosperity would be indefinitely compromised,” he said, reaffirming his will to respect all the commitments made to the people in the run-up to the presidential poll.


According to the Beninese leader, the draft bill for constitutional changes is the fruit of reflections initiated within the National Commission put in place to examine the relevance and feasibility of the orientations and proposals contained in his project of society as well as the consultations made with the political, social and cultural forces.


Hailing the legal and democratic spirit throughout the entire process, Talon underlined that his project, which is still perfected, would be looked into in fully by the deputies who have the constitutional power to so.

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