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Protesters invade Cameroon embassies abroad

Protesters at the Cameroon embassy in Paris

The offices of Cameroon’s diplomatic representation in France, Belgium and Germany were invaded on Saturday January 26 by protesters who joined in solidarity to the wave of protests that blew across some towns of the country.

Sources in Paris say, at least 50 protesters invaded the Cameroon Embassy in Paris before ransacking the place, pulling down the picture of the Head of State, Paul Biya.

Local police immediately rushed to the scene where they ushered out the protesters who continued their protests on the streets.

Pictures also emerged from the Cameroon Embassy in Belgium where proesters briefly took over the building but the police was swift to take action and prevent any material damage.

It was the same scenario at the Cameroon Consulate in Germany which was heavily guarded after a group of protesters had earlier invaded the place.

The protests is in solidarity with those back in Cameroon organised by the leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, Maurice Kamto.

Kamto, who continues to dispute the results of the Presidential election says the peaceful protests are aimed at denouncing what he describes as “electoral hold up” as well as the government’s failure to solve the crisis in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

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