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Protests at Nigerian embassies to demand release of Ambazonian leaders

Protests infront on Nigerian embassy in the UK

Groups of persons of staged protests infront of Nigerian embassies to call for the release of Cameroon’s separatist leaders who were arrested on a week ago in Nigeria’s capital.

The protests started on Wednesday when a group of persons loyal to the ambazonian movement stormed the Nigerian embassy in the United States of America calling for the release of their leaders.

The momentum quickly spread to other countries as similar protests were organised on Thiursday in South Africa and Friday in Britain.

Both the Nigerian and Cameroonian governments are yet to release any official statement since Julius Ayuk Tabe, the leader of the ‘Federal Republic of Ambazonia’ was arrested alongside nine others at a hotel in Abuja but their whereabouts are still to be known.

The ambazonians have since chosen a new leader and vowed to continue the protests if those arrested min Nigeria are not released.

Most of the leaders of the movement are on the run after the government of Cameroon launched a crackdown on activists in the English speaking regions of Cameroon who have been protesting against what they term marginalisation of the government.

The crackdown has led to many fleeing  their homes with close to 20.000 crossing the boarder to neighbouring Nigeria as refugees, according to the United Nations refugee agency.

“The situation could worsen if a solution to the crisis in Cameroon’s anglophone region is not found,” a statement from the UNHCR said.

“The UNHCR is concerned that as the crisis in Cameroon continues and the government adopts extra security measures, more asylum seekers will arrive.

“Political dialogue is also needed, as it will help end the current crisis.”

International right groups and monitors say at least 20 and possibly 40 people have been killed in clashes since late September, though the Cameroon government strongly disputes the death toll.


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