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Recent presidential appointments: Does Biya Really Hear Well?

Unlike many conscious or better still good hearing people would have expected, recent presidential appointments point to the ascertaining of the belief that the octogenarian Cameroonian Head of State, Paul Biya, is very distant from having his “hearing” in order, writes The Voice’s Prince Divine Kwansuh.

Their argument is based on the notice, despite the foul cry by Anglophone Cameroonians, that the President has stuck to his 35 year old modus operandi of appointing Francophones in a great majority and blind folding Anglophone with a few appointments giving the impression that they constitute one of the many tribes in his country.

After promoting two Anglophones out of 11 to brigadier generals, Biya is holding on to the unwritten law that the Anglos are less than 1/5th of the country. For it must be noted that of the two Anglophone appointees, one is simply a replacement of the late General Tumenta in the North West region.

It is certainly because of this resort to undermining and assimilating Anglophones that the recently appointed Director General of the Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ART), Philémon Zo’o Zame, will publicly outlaw the official language of Cameroon and is still on seat even after Biya has heard wrongly that to solve the grievances of marginalised Anglophones meant creating a commission for bilingualism and multiculturalism.

How on earth will a person who has publicly acknowledged that the castigated discrimination against Southern Cameroonians was the result of a mistake still go ahead and appoint exclusively non English speaking Senior Divisional Officers, SDOs to man the main Anglophone Divisions.

Furthermore, if Biya could boast of any major comprehension of what is at stake, he would not be tabling bills for the creation of common law courts in the ten regions of the country while holding those who propounded such changes in bondage on charges of terrorism and rebellion against the State. What a strange “hearing disease” that makes the president believe that multiculturalism means the same as having 11 Director Generals from his home Division many of whom follow mumu logy by appointing all central news directors at the national radio and television exclusively Francophones. Whereas many Anglophone Divisions like Menchum have never got a single Director General. Has this man or his collaborators ears? If so, are the ears in good condition? The unveiling drama will answer our worry.

(First published in The Voice #065 of July 5, 2017)





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