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Reporters Without Borders urge Cameroonian authorities to release web journalist Paul Chouta

Reporters Without Borders has urged Cameroonian authorities to immediately release detained web journalist Paul Chouta.

Paul Chouta who is charged with defamation appeared in court earlier this week but the matter was adjourned following the absence of the civil party.

However, Reporter Without Borders says a journalist is not supposed to be in jail because of defamation and urged Cameroonian authorities to immediately release him.

“It’s already a month and a half since Paul Chouta was detained. A journalist should not be detaained on grounds of  defamation. Reporters Without Borders calls for his immediate release,” the organisation tweeted.

Paul Chouta was arrested on June 10 in Yaounde following a complaint filed by Franco Cameroonian writer Calixthe Beyala who has since failed to appear in court.

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