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Residence of Cameroon prison official set ablaze

The residence of the Secretary of State for Penitentiary Administration Doh Jerome was on Saturday burnt down by unidentified persons in Bali, North West Region of Cameroon.

The residence was set on fire just past 6pm in the evening as residents struggled to put it off to no avail as the perpetrators took off, local sources said.

The act was just one of the violent incidents in Bali on Saturday as serious clashes erupted between security forces and separatist fighters forces residents to lock themselves for safety.  The brother of Mr. Doh Jerome is equally said to have been taken hostage by the armed men who said the residence ablaze.

Over 50 heavily fighters are said to have attacked gendarmes in Ntafong, a locality in Bali provoking a series of fire exchange while sources say the Balinyonga prison was attacked and many prisoners freed.

Meanwhile the Vice President of the Balikumbat CPDM section Ali Musa was also taken hostage on the same evening.

It is still difficult to determine the casualties of the clashes.


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