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Richard Bona’s Reaction to Koppo’s Request of Halting the Broadcast Of His Songs

The rapper in a publication urged Trace Mboa to stop broadcasting the music of the Jazz singer saying that he is not a Cameroonian.

Trace Mboa is a channel of the Trace group which proposes music broadcasting channels. For instance, there is Trace Africa which only highlights sounds sung by Africans, or Traces gospel broadcasts only Christian music. Recently, the group set up Trace Mboa to broadcast Cameroonian hits. The chain already emits and has in its playlist beats of Richard Bona. Something not appreciated by rapper Koppo. The author of si tu vois ma go, took the bull by the horn asking Trace Mboa to stop broadcasting beats of Richard Bona. He says, Richard Bona is not Cameroonian and therefore, there is no reason for him to see his music being played on Trace Mba.
The arguments in favor of Koppo state that Richard Bona tore up his Cameroonian passport, thus denying his nationality. Koppo, in this line, requests that his sounds be broadcast on Trace Ashanti about Ghana, of which Richard Bona holds a passport. Richard Bona explains that if he tore his Cameroonian passport, it is because the State made him understand that he is not Cameroonian.
The Jazz singer indicates that he was born in Cameroon. And that, it is not his fault, if when he goes to the embassy to apply for a visa for Cameroon, he is informed that his name is on the list of those prohibited from entering Cameroonian territory. For him, Koppo appears as a small servant of the government which, however, nevertheless gave him status. He considers that many think that it is by opposing Richard Bona that one is well seen by power, “the opposition to Richard Bona gives leverage” explains the Jazz singer.
And he continues, “If you get mad as my music is being played, then sing yours and have it played. My music is played in South Africa and I am not a South African. So go ask them to no longer play my music,” says Richard Bona.

Published on 05.05.2023

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