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Russia eyes Cameroon’s oil, gas sector

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Anatoly Bashkin, Russian Ambassador to Cameroon, has said her country is interested in Cameroon’s oil and gas sector.

According National daily, Cameroon Tribune, the Ambassador made the statement shortly after a meeting with Minister Basile Atangana Kouna of Energy and Water Resources in Yaounde on February 13.

The paper quotes the Ambassador as stating that his country had earlier expressed interest in extracting and producing petrol and natural gas in Cameroon but slowed down in its aspirations due to dropping prices of fuel in the global market. He said Russia has huge experience in the sector, noting that he and Minister Atangana Kouna talked about all possible projects in Cameroon that the country can invest in.

During the meeting with Minister Basile Atangana Kouna, the Ambassador revealed that he informed the Minister about the functioning of the International Organization of Oil and Gas Exporters (IOGP) which his host said Cameroon would likely want to become a part.

In the end, Anatoly Bashkin urged Cameroonians to look forward to an improved bi-lateral cooperation between their government and that of the Russian Federation.

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