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Rwanda: 40 COVID-19 patients in critical condition

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At least 40 COVID-19 patients in Rwanda are admitted in critial condition since the pandemic outbreak in March, an official source revealed ThursdayThe Director General of Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC), Dr Sabin Nsanzimana explained that since November last year, more COVID-19 patients are ending up on assisted breathing and critical care than before.

“Until mid-November, patients in critical condition were between 2 to 4 but today, for more than a month and a half, patients in critical condition have not gone below 30. Currently we have over 40. At some point we had up to 50 patients in critical condition,” Dr Nsanzimana,
said, explaining the severity of the situation.

Dr. Nsanzimana gave an insight into the process of treating COVID-19 patients in critical condition, pointing out that it takes the full attention of doctors and nurses for 24 hours to ensure that the patient gets proper care in order not to succumb to the virus.

The official said that health workers are increasingly using oxygen to treat patients, revealing that the team monitors the level of severity and administer oxygen based on the state of the patient, where some need more to stay alive, based on the condition of their lungs.

“There is a lot that goes into keeping a patient in critical condition alive. It is not just the oxygen. You have all these specialists in place, each playing their part to keep that person alive, which is why we recently transformed the newly completed Nyarugenge Hospital into
the national COVID-19 care centre,”

“We are anticipating a situation where patients in critical conditional will continue to increase. Setting up the facility is part of the efforts to be one step ahead of COVID-19 because that is the only way to deal with it,” Dr. Nsanzimana said.

Rwandan Health officials attributed the increase in critically ill patients to people who keep the infection to themselves and report late when they are already in a bad condition as well as people who first assume that it is a normal cold they are battling.

Published on 10.02.2021

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