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Rwanda and Morocco ink criminal extradition deal

Rwanda and Morocco on Monday signed a first ever convention for the extradition of criminals as part of a judicial and security cooperation between the two countries.According to the new treaty, all wanted criminals in the two states will be arrested and charged effectively.

Under the new agreement, suspects hailing from Rwanda will be extradited from Morocco with ease and vice-versa.

Rwanda has so far  issued 1,144 indictments – in at least 30 countries – for suspected perpetrators of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis which claimed the lives of close to one million people.

However, the  Rwandan minister of Justice, Johnston Busingye noted that reluctance and lack of cooperation among African administrations only creates safe havens for fugitives.

“This situation has always threatened the continent’s social fabric, particularly delayed justice for victims and, eventually, impunity and failure to deliver any kind of justice,” the  senior Rwandan official said.

The Southern Africa region has been regarded as a “haven” for several runaway fugitives linked to the genocide.

Justice officials in Rwanda have expressed optimism that this treaty with Morocco signals a “fresh dawn” in tracking and arresting suspected genocidaires.

Published on 28.04.2020

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