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Rwanda extends contract with Zipline for drone deliveries

Rwandan government has extended the contract with the US-based robotics firm known as “Zipline” that is delivering emergency medical supplies by remotely-piloted aircraft or drones.An official statement issued Thursday in Kugali said the government and Zipline agreed on a long-term contract.

In October 2016, the Rwandan government entered into an agreement with Zipline to build infrastructure for an unmanned aerial system to ensure efficient logistical transportation of medical supplies in the country.

The operation uses fixed-wing drones that automatically fly to remote hospital and health facilities in the countryside, where they release small packages attached to parachutes without needing to land at the delivery points, before returning to the distribution center.

Currently Zipline drones deliver blood to 21 health facilities in Northern, Southern and Western provinces of the country, according to official estimates.

It was reported that the company can process about 200 blood deliveries per day.

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