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Rwanda launches vaccination targeting U-12s

Rwanda has launched a second stage of mass vaccination campaign targeting people aged between 12 and 18, an official source revealed Sunday in Kigali.Estimates by the Ministry of Health indicates that a total of 2,917,604 people among adults persons have s far received two doses of COVID-19 vaccines

The latest research conducted by the ministry of Health indicates that young ones aged 12+ can be vaccinated and jabbing them is necessary for a continued return to normal life.

“Rwanda will start vaccination for children 12 to 18 against the Covid-19 across the country next  Monday- November 22. Those to be vaccinated will be signed by their parents or legal guardians,” the Ministry of Health communique reads.

“The Ministry of Health encourages parents with children in the mentioned age to help them to receive the vaccine as soon as possible by signing them a letter allowing them to be vaccinated,” the official communique said

Reports of the Ministry of Health indicate that 2,917,604 people have so far received the second jab of COVID-19 while 5,530,658 received the first dose as of November 20, 2021.

This week, the country received 1.6million COVID-19 vaccination doses from Canada through COVAX. The received doses are from Moderna, a pharmaceutical and biotechnology company based in Cambridge and  Massachusetts in the USA.

The country further, this week received 409,600 Astra Zeneca Covid-19 vaccine doses donated by Luxembourg.

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