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Rwanda says relations with DR Congo intact despite latest cross border incident

The Rwandan army on Tuesday explained that the cross-border incident in Rubavu district (West) a day earlier was a result of an operation carries by Rwandan troops who crossed into neighboring DR Congo to pursue smugglers.Rwandan law enforcement forces unintentionally crossed a few meters into the DRC while pursuing the smugglers who were carrying unidentified packages and believed to have been armed,” the Rwandan Army statement reads in parts.

It added that the  Rwanda Defense Forces (RDF) and FARDC ( Congolese army) maintain good relations and continue to collaborate on security matters.

Security officials from both countries in the recent past exchanged visits and held meetings in which they agreed on, among others, a plan of action that will help deal with security threats that affect both countries.

The DR Congo is home to militia groups from Rwanda and intelligence officials from both countries regularly share information as the Congolese army continues to battle the militia groups.

DR Congo President Félix Tshisekedi vowed to address a wide range of issues in his country, including war and insecurity and, in his effort to deliver peace, serenity, and calm to eastern DR Congo.

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