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Rwanda warning shots as Congolese jetfighter ‘violates’ airspace

Rwandan army units have fired warning shots after another DR Congo warplane reportedly violated Rwandan airspace by flying over the city of Gisenyi and surrounding areas, several eyewitnesses told APA on Wednesday.There was no immediate reaction from both governments in Kigali and Kinshasa but local residents in Gisenyi and several other correspondents in the region reported seeing a Congolese fighter jet entering Rwandan air space briefly.

It is te second alleged violation of Rwandan air space by Congolese jet fighters.

On 7 November, Rwanda claimed that a Congolese Sukhoi-25 fighter jet briefly touched down at Rubavu Airport in Western Province near the border with eastern DR Congo.

It said that Kinshasa has acknowledged the incident, coming against increasing tension between the two countries as President Felix Tshisekedi accuses Kigali of aiding and abetting M23 rebel advance in eastern DR Congo.

Kigali denied the accusation.

Reports of the sighting of the jet fighter comes hours after heavy fighting erupted between the Congolese army and fighters of the March 23 Movement (M23) in the volatile east of the Democratic Republic of Congo early on Wednesday, a rebel spokesperson has confirmed to APA.

According to the spokesperson of M23 rebel group, Maj. Willy Ngoma, the clashes are taking place in north Kivu province.

There is no report of casualties.

Published on 03.01.2023

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