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Rwandan journalist arrested over telecasting sensitive pornographic contents

Rwandan journalist Irené Mulindahabi working for a local TV station has been arrested over distributing pornographic contents by means of Internet via YouTube, the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) revealed Wednesday.RIB Spokesperson Modeste Mbabazi said the journalist is accused of having telecasted sensitive pornographic contents which are intended to cause sexual arousal.

Such crime are punishable by article 38 of the Cyber crime law, RIB said in a statement

According  to the provisions of the same law, this category of cybercrime involves  one individual distributing malicious or illegal information online  including distributing pornography and trafficking, it said.

This arrest  comes at time online media in Rwanda has been characterized in recent years by a rapid and chaotic increase.

In  recent months some journalists especially from online platforms have  been summoned for unprofessional behaviour by featuring sensitive  stories with a simple motive to get a large number of visitors (views)  to their online platforms

Published on 28.04.2020

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