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S/Africa: Fuel hikes up on Wednesday – Official

Higher crude oil prices on the world market and the local rand currency’s weakness against the US dollar has led to South Africa’s hiking of its fuel prices starting on Wednesday, APA has learnt.Due to this, the country’s motorists will be paying five cents more for a litre of petrol, while diesel users will pay an extra 45 cents per litre to fill up their tanks, the Energy Ministry has said.

 Consumers using paraffin will also feel it in their pockets, as the commodity is set to cost 52 cents more for a litre, while cooking gas prices will decrease by four cents per kg, the ministry said.

 According to the South African Automobile Association (SAAA), global oil prices rose higher in July — setting up the stage for fuel price hikes in August.

 “Oil traded in a fairly tight range throughout July but it saw a substantial climb at the beginning of the month that combined to push prices higher,” the SAAA said.

Published on 28.04.2020

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