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S/Africa: Murder of  women, children on the rise – Police

South Africa’s daily rate of killing girls, boys and women is on the increase in the country, according to a senior police officer when he addressed Parliament in Cape Town on Tuesday.The South African Police Service’s head of crime research and statistics, Norman Sekhukhune, said this when he presented the crime statistics for the 2017/18 financial year in Parliament on Tuesday.

Sekhukhune told Members of Parliament that when one brings together the statistics of women and children that fall victim to murder over 3,000 cases were reported over the year under review.

“When looking at the murder of women and children, what we [have] realised is that murders of boys, girls and women have increased. Girls’ deaths have increased by 29, boys’ by 117 and women’s by 291,” he said.

Presenting raw data from the crime statistics, Sekhukhune said 2,930 women were murdered in the current financial year – up by 11% when compared to the 2,639 women who were killed over the previous financial year.

The number of boys who were victims of murder increased from 574 to 691 in the period under review – which is an increase of 20.4%, he said, adding that 294 girls were killed at the same period. This is an increase of 10.9% when compared to the previous figure of 265, he noted.

“The overall percentage contribution was 19.3% of the murders, or 3,915 of the murders that we have recorded whereby a woman or child was murdered,” Sekhukhune said. 

Gender-based violence as well as violence against children, has come under the spotlight recently with protests being staged across the country calling for an end to the scourge.

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