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S/Africa registers 57 murders daily – Minister

Some 57 people are murdered in South Africa every day, Police Minister Bheki Cele said as the South African Police Service presented crime statistics for the 2017/18 financial year in Parliament on Tuesday.Saying the crime statistics “are nothing to write home about”, Cele said emphasis “should be on what is to be done.”

“It doesn’t matter what else you reduce, if South Africans are murdered at the rate of 57 a day. That borders close to a war zone,” he said.

An overview of the murder statistics shows that 20,336 murders were reported during the period under review, which represents a 6.9% increase overall when compared to the previous year.

Cele said when looking at a 10-year overview, while police managed to bring down the murder rate from 18,084 in 2009 to 15,554 in 2010, the trend changed in 2013 when the rate spiked to 16,213. 

The trend has continued over the years to over 20,000 being killed this year, he added.

Cele said while police needed to do more to bring the murder rate down, it cannot be left to the police alone to arrest the situation even though he has instructed the police’s top brass to make sure that South Africans should not be left to live in fears of their lives.

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