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S/Africa accuses Swaziland of abuse of human rights

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South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC) claims that Swaziland is abusing human rights and suppressing dissent and political activity, APA reports here on Thursday.The ANC reportedly recommended the party’s supports for the call for the unbanning of political parties in Swaziland and the release of all political prisoners, and that Swaziland is placed before SADC for intervention.

SA’s eNCA media reports suggest that the recommendation was made during the on-going five-day Policy Conference of the African National Congress held in SA.

“The commission recommended that the ANC strengthens its solidarity campaign on Swaziland and that they formalise the party-to-party relations with People’s United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO),” media reported.

Chairperson Miriam Segabutla reportedly said the commission recommended that the 53rd Resolution of the Mangaung Conference on Swaziland be implemented, and further recommended that the ANC explore mechanisms of strengthening its solidarity campaign on Swaziland and
that we formalise the party-to-party relations with PUDEMO

The 2012 resolutions were that SA would launch a campaign for pro-democratic reforms and to engage its government in ensuring that any financial assistance to Swaziland reinforces democratization and that urgent political dialogue is instituted to end the current political impasse.

“SA trade unions should mobilise workers around five (5) days economic blockades of Swaziland borders with South Africa, targeting the regime’s commercial interests and the bedrock of revenue streams into his financial empire. We mobilise Eskom workers around a campaign to cut the supply of electricity to Swaziland,” the report on the resolutions reads in part.

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