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S/Africa, France partner to fight cybercrime – Police

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With South Africa’s cybercrime attacks on the rise, the government has decided to collaborate with France to boost cyber and digital skills capacities which are key in investigating such crimes, the South African Police Services’ Special Investigating Unit (SIU) said on Friday.According to the SIU, the two countries have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which will result in capacity building for 350 forensic investigators being trained in cyber forensic investigations
with the support of a French international technical expert regional adviser on cybercrime.
The MoU was signed by the SIU and the French Embassy, together with the country’s Public Service Sector Education and Training Authority (PSETA) in Pretoria.
The first training of the forensic investigators is scheduled for September, the SIU said.
“As cybercrime has no boundaries, this MoU highlights the critical role of international cooperation (exchange of best practices and knowledge) to address the world digital revolution,” the SIU added.
In 2016, it was estimated that 8.8 million South Africans were hit by cybercrime.
According to the investigating unit, South Africa currently ranks as having the world’s third highest cybercrime attacks, losing in excess of US$169 million to internet fraud and phishing attacks annually.
The SIU attributed the high number of attacks to the country’s growth of online services which the criminals use to increase the scale of corruption.

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