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S/Africa to build barrier wall at intersection with Mozambique, Swaziland – Official

The South African government plans to construct a 30-metre-long wall to act as a barrier for criminals at the point where the country’s border intersects with Mozambique and Swaziland, APA learnt here on Monday.The area in question is situated between the southern parts of Mozambique and the northern KwaZulu-Natal Province of South Africa – stretching from the Swaziland-Mozambique border to the Indian Ocean.

According to media reports monitored here on Monday, South Africa’s Kwa-Zulu Natal provincial government, through Member of the Executive Council Belinda Francis Scott revealed this during a meeting between Swaziland and South Africa on crime last week.

The MEC said South Africa has a budget of US$8.6 million for the project, which it believes would curb cross-border crime among the three countries.

She said the South African government has discovered that crime was rife along an 80-metre stretch that brings the three countries together and the authorities were doing this to reduce it so that it would not be easy for criminals to make their transactions.

Due to the scanty homes around the area crime syndicates from the three countries have identified this area as a perfect hub for their criminal activities which include the smuggling of dagga, illegal cigarettes and stolen vehicles.

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