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S/Africa’s opposition urges MPs to vote Zuma out of power

South Africa’s opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has celebrated Freedom Day by urging members of parliament to use their vote to remove President Jacob Zuma from government.The EFF on Thursday called on the MPs‚ in particular those from the ruling African National Congress‚ to use their vote during the motion of a no confidence debate in Parliament to oust Zuma from office.

No date has been set for the debate in the chamber due to a court hearing seeking to rule on whether or not to hold a public ballot during the voting process.

“The right to vote in 1994 managed to secure political power for black people in the form of a new government which was supposed to be used to deliver the total economic emancipation of our people‚” EFF Spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said.

But the ANC, who were voted for by the majority of South Africans to preside over government, has failed to translate political power into economic emancipation, Ndlozi said.

“The ruling party has increased corruption and lawlessness in its ranks‚ in particular in the person of the president who is willing to break the law and the constitution to attain corrupt ends‚” he alleged.

He added: “Over 23 years‚ the ANC has weakened the state and its institutions through corruption and has undermined all claims that ours is a prosperous society.”

The EFF believes that the best way to honour the current generation and all who fought and died in the struggle for freedom is to use the gift of the right to vote to achieve economic freedom, Ndlozi said.

South Africans celebrate every 27 April as Freedom Day to mark the day they went to the polls to vote Nelson Mandela and his ANC into power in 1994.

Published on 28.04.2020

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