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SDF next congress meeting is not to elect new chairman-Joshua Osih

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Joshua Osih, vice-president of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, has refuted rumours which were rife recently that the party will be electing a new chairman in its upcoming October congress.

Speaking to Journal du Cameroun, Joshua Osih said SDF’s next congress is not intended to nominate a new chairman or someone to stand for the 2018 Presidential elections.

“According to the texts of our party, the candidate for the presidential election is designated during an extraordinary congress. October’s meeting is just an ordinary congress. The agenda will be known immediately, But during this session we will be talking about some changes in our constituencies amongst other things” he said.

It should be noted that the debate over the nomination of a new chairman has been one of the most dominant subjects in the party in recent months. According online media reports, the debate had taken another twist with many soliciting that the Vice President Joshua Osih, defends the colours of the party in the next election. Despite the calls, Joshua Osih who is also a Member of Parliament has always denied stating that he has no ambition to lead in that capacity.

The upcoming October congress will be a platform for the party to reiterate its stand on the Anglophone crisis given that it had had presented five conditions for school resumptions at the end of its last executive meeting in Bamenda. This year’s congress will be the 9th in the party’s history and will be held in Ntarikon.

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